Thursday, June 18, 2009

Megan Fox

"There once was a little girl
never knew love until
boy broke her heart"

i think this is one of the most POWERFUL quotes & tattoo's that i have ever seen, one this woman is beyond gorgeous & i think the place where she put this quote was just so creative , & not to the mention the quote is TRUE ; i dont think anyone would understand what love is until we get hurt or heart broken, i guess its really true when they say we have to experience the pain to know happiness, after seeing this tattoo lol i was like OMG i want one ! just like this it just so powerful & have so much meaning, & its something that i can relate to; i really hate those stupid w.e tattoos that have NO meaning at all lol i think its just a waste. but i just wanted to share this with ya because i think its phenominal. ♥


  1. i love that quote. i love the tat. even though it's so plain, it's very powerful. she's too pretty as well.