Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mind Vs Heart

how can the heart & mind feel totally opposite about a sitatuation almost as if your mind knows better than what your heart does even tho our mind are more concious then our hearts we subconsiously always "follow our hearts" but in the end we sometimes realize that our hearts can steer us the wrong way when emotions get involved, & even then our mind STILL knows whats right but there is not a way of communicating what we know is right and what we feel is right. so if we dont wanna listen to our minds and follow our hearts , what is the right thing to do .doesnt it feel like no matter how much thinking we do or what we choose to follow some way or some how its not what we really want.

This is a poem i found that i can relate to i didnt write it
but it seemed to go hand in hand with what i wrote above:

For a little while there,My emotions were all messed up.
But now I've found some closure,And my mind and heart made up.
My mind knew the whole while,That nothing would come to be.
It knew it was a spurt of time,Before you would be a memory.
My heart on the other hand,Never cared about the facts.
It knew you that would leave,
But was still waiting for you to come back.
My heart would not take the hint,
Though my mind was telling the truth.
My heart had decided,It was going to wait for you.
It took a lot of convincing,On my mind's behalf.
To make my heart realize,That you were not coming back.
My heart started to accept it,But then you popped back in my life.
My mind versus my heart,The battle starts again in strife.
So the war between the two,Went on for a little while.
My physical being paid for it,I never used to smile.
I'm not sure how it happened,But now everything is alright.
My mind and heart came to terms,Trust me, it was a fight.
My heart has finally realized,To put it's feelings to an end.
My heart now has the power,To now think of you as friend
My mind had to make a sacrifice,To help my heart along it's way.
My mind had to agree,That one day things may change.A
s hard as my heart is fighting,My mind won't let it love,
My inner turmoil is over,My heart is now locked in a steel glove.
Written by Lilsnob

Thursday, January 7, 2010

"Never" - By : Myself

Take me places; i never been before
Like a one on one strole down the oceans shore.
Tell me things that i have never heard before;
Like trish i cant get enough of you; all i want is more more more.
Show me things that i never seen before; like the hiddin secrets of an old told Folklore.
Kiss me like you’ve never want to stop
Like a flood with consistent rain drops.
Love me like you’ve never loved before
Like the pain in your hurt you just cant ignore
Need me like you never needed, the way you need a way
To put the pieces of your heart together
When you found out your spouse has cheated.
But theres just one thing I never need you to do
And that’s hurt me the way she hurt you

Sunday, November 1, 2009

"Romeo & Juliet" - Written by: Justin

this is a beautiful peom written by a friend of mine,
i fell inlove with this poem not only cause i lovee
the story of Romeo & Juliet, but the words are so
powerful and captivating, hope you guys enjoy :)
support his music:
this juliet was bleeding
her soul's bright fire dim
in a life of sorrows
it was sink or swim
on the shore she saw him
a romeo, prince of the night
against all odds she reached out
and turned from garish light
then he pulled her from the tide
saved the dying maid
she afraid to love him
and yet by her side he stayed
with blind faith she followed
into his shadow she fell
seduced by black and velvet
drunk of passion's spell
a day spent long in bliss
a moment meant so much
and no more was this juliet
starved from love's sweet touch
then the darkness overcame
in silence he left her there
never saw her tears fall
or heard her heartstrings tear
left alone in pain
once again she did bleed
shackled by other's power
longing to be freed
once again, yet time was short
in twisted fate they met
in shaded seconds spent together
yet no where did they get
again ripped apart by time
and distance seals the fate
now all this juilet feels
is pain, despair, and hate
she cries without a tear shed
she lives without a soul
she curses the one she loves now
for everything he stole
'I love you' she did long to hear
but these were words he never said
and now this juliet lays weeping
and wishes she were dead

Poetic Bloodlines.

i thank god for the poetic blood that runs through my viens,
cause at times when there's not an ear to hear,
i step into the isolated world where
my pen becomes the speaker and my paper becomes the listener
and everything becomes more clearer,
and i am no longer mis-understood.

Friday, July 10, 2009

I Shouldve Known Better ....

when we met it wasnt out of command;
but it definitely was
something i couldnt withstand.

when i first layed eyes on yu
i didnt realize
what i was getting myself into.
i shouldve known better...
who wouldve known after the first day
something i thought was strong could quickly slipaway.
i shouldve known better..

the nights we stood up telling each other our deepest secrets ,
even each others limits.
you was afraid,
i was afraid, you wanted love
i wanted love ;
you wanted me & i wanted yu.

but even through all of that ;
yu still dont
believe what i say is true.
i let my guard down to let you in ;& to give
what you always wanted..
that "deep love ' n"
i shouldve known better..
sorry if i fell too fast ; but its hard to treat
my emotions
like an outcast.
maybe my deep loving was a little bit
overwhelming ,
but wasnt that what yu wanted?

well at least thats how you portrayed it.

i shouldve known better...
then "love" happened & i couldnt controll it
so i held those words in until i was ready to submit.
afraid that you wouldnt feel the same ;
but shockling
you agreed ; agreed
to feel the type of feelings that
i felt for yu ;
you felt for me.
but then things got shakey ;
i shouldnt known better..
i made the mistake & violated your trust;
but i begged for forgiveness & i was honest.
didnt think that was enough to break what yu
claimed we had, & what i thought we had.
i shouldve known better...
i guess you deal with things different,
but forgiving me you wouldnt..
i wanted to be that one girl who you can run to
no matter what, that you can talk to about anything,
share moments, feel unconditionally loved...
but you doubted me & stuffed me in that same category.
you would never know that love that i was capable
of giving , that type of love that would
make you feel like your dreaming.
but i shouldve known better
its almost like i keep singing yu the same love song
but u aint home , so i guess u aint tryna hear it
like im screaming from a soundproof booth
& you wont turn around to see my crys.
open your heart up give hope another try.
but i cant keep visiting a home that doesnt want me..
but i shouldve known better
that if you really loved me you wouldve
been able to feel that i am real just
like the butterflies i get when your
around, i guess u can say that your love
has left me dumbfound.

just to sum it all up;
i shouldve known better
than to fall & not get back up...

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Top Movies In 09' So Far.

I have to say that The Proposal, & Transformers 2 are my 2 new FAVORITE movies of 09' if you havent seen these movies you have to go see the ASAP lol i dont want to be a spoiler for the ones who havent seen it ,but if you havent go go go ! lol they are a must see, i can see them again && once they come out on DVD i have to buy them lol so go see these 2 movies,trust me its worth it ! ENJOY!

R.I.P Micheal Jackson

I know im blogging about this sort of late lol, but i want to take my time out to honor Micheal Jackson, he was a phenomenal person, great dancer, great singer, & the list goes on he was practically everyone's idol i am only 18 but i swear to you lol i know ALOT of this man's songs, people laugh when they go in my ipod and see how many of his songs that i have lol, hes just amazing im not going to lie after he changed skin colors and got alot of plastic surgery & started wearing eye liner & red lipstic i thought he was so wierd, but then again who am i to judge, only god can judge this man, but he was so talented & he will live on forever. He went through alot in his life time , & knowing the hard child hood he suffered he became a strong individual , i think his best albums was "BAD" & "THRILLER" i can name multiple songs of his that i hear almost everyday , my all time favorites are "The Way You Make Me Feel", "P.Y.T" , "Rock With You", "Billie Jean", "Thriller", "Man In The Mirror", oman the list goes on lol , but this guy was incredible & i feel as if god took him because he completed his deeds in this lifetime, so when people say he's gone so soon, we cant really say that because everything does happen for a reason, hes mission was completed & i think this man impacted TOO many lives, hes just amazing , even i tried to moon walk a couple times in my life lol & even try to do the crotch grabb lol but i really cant LOL ! so i want to say RIP to Micheal Jackson he was an idol to everyone, & may he rest in peace.

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