Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mind Vs Heart

how can the heart & mind feel totally opposite about a sitatuation almost as if your mind knows better than what your heart does even tho our mind are more concious then our hearts we subconsiously always "follow our hearts" but in the end we sometimes realize that our hearts can steer us the wrong way when emotions get involved, & even then our mind STILL knows whats right but there is not a way of communicating what we know is right and what we feel is right. so if we dont wanna listen to our minds and follow our hearts , what is the right thing to do .doesnt it feel like no matter how much thinking we do or what we choose to follow some way or some how its not what we really want.

This is a poem i found that i can relate to i didnt write it
but it seemed to go hand in hand with what i wrote above:

For a little while there,My emotions were all messed up.
But now I've found some closure,And my mind and heart made up.
My mind knew the whole while,That nothing would come to be.
It knew it was a spurt of time,Before you would be a memory.
My heart on the other hand,Never cared about the facts.
It knew you that would leave,
But was still waiting for you to come back.
My heart would not take the hint,
Though my mind was telling the truth.
My heart had decided,It was going to wait for you.
It took a lot of convincing,On my mind's behalf.
To make my heart realize,That you were not coming back.
My heart started to accept it,But then you popped back in my life.
My mind versus my heart,The battle starts again in strife.
So the war between the two,Went on for a little while.
My physical being paid for it,I never used to smile.
I'm not sure how it happened,But now everything is alright.
My mind and heart came to terms,Trust me, it was a fight.
My heart has finally realized,To put it's feelings to an end.
My heart now has the power,To now think of you as friend
My mind had to make a sacrifice,To help my heart along it's way.
My mind had to agree,That one day things may change.A
s hard as my heart is fighting,My mind won't let it love,
My inner turmoil is over,My heart is now locked in a steel glove.
Written by Lilsnob


  1. Deep stuff, i like the way u think ;). that's a great poem too, good find.

  2. You know I must of read this maybe a hundred times..and I just got to say that how can you say to ignore your heart..It use to be the best thing about know you speak about the heart so much but you never listened to it..I guess its because of your ego it blinded you and miss leaded you into think your something your not..its crazy because you have been fooled and taken by the people you use to not respect..true love was and will all ways be something you talk about but not something you will live again..whatever was in your passed will always be apart of your life no matter how much you resent it..remember everything you say about loved and then think about what you blog and say it never adds up..just remember you will always love in silence and you will never be freed from your emotions cause no matter how much you put on this imaginary role and try to live will never fit you.. you are who you are and you will never be able to define yourself because you fell short when staring true love in the face remember who and what was real and then remember what you settle for..remember the things that took your breath away because now your all filled with this energy to speak about how love is your life but you don't live it.. on key note just remember what silence and pain will do to you for so long..the things you forget never forget you and ur past will always linger in your future...stop livin in this imaginary you cause honestly watchin you now is more amusing then entertaining..just remember your true self...just use those memories you have stashed somewhere under your bed.. it will bring you back to reality it does to everyone


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