Friday, July 10, 2009

I Shouldve Known Better ....

when we met it wasnt out of command;
but it definitely was
something i couldnt withstand.

when i first layed eyes on yu
i didnt realize
what i was getting myself into.
i shouldve known better...
who wouldve known after the first day
something i thought was strong could quickly slipaway.
i shouldve known better..

the nights we stood up telling each other our deepest secrets ,
even each others limits.
you was afraid,
i was afraid, you wanted love
i wanted love ;
you wanted me & i wanted yu.

but even through all of that ;
yu still dont
believe what i say is true.
i let my guard down to let you in ;& to give
what you always wanted..
that "deep love ' n"
i shouldve known better..
sorry if i fell too fast ; but its hard to treat
my emotions
like an outcast.
maybe my deep loving was a little bit
overwhelming ,
but wasnt that what yu wanted?

well at least thats how you portrayed it.

i shouldve known better...
then "love" happened & i couldnt controll it
so i held those words in until i was ready to submit.
afraid that you wouldnt feel the same ;
but shockling
you agreed ; agreed
to feel the type of feelings that
i felt for yu ;
you felt for me.
but then things got shakey ;
i shouldnt known better..
i made the mistake & violated your trust;
but i begged for forgiveness & i was honest.
didnt think that was enough to break what yu
claimed we had, & what i thought we had.
i shouldve known better...
i guess you deal with things different,
but forgiving me you wouldnt..
i wanted to be that one girl who you can run to
no matter what, that you can talk to about anything,
share moments, feel unconditionally loved...
but you doubted me & stuffed me in that same category.
you would never know that love that i was capable
of giving , that type of love that would
make you feel like your dreaming.
but i shouldve known better
its almost like i keep singing yu the same love song
but u aint home , so i guess u aint tryna hear it
like im screaming from a soundproof booth
& you wont turn around to see my crys.
open your heart up give hope another try.
but i cant keep visiting a home that doesnt want me..
but i shouldve known better
that if you really loved me you wouldve
been able to feel that i am real just
like the butterflies i get when your
around, i guess u can say that your love
has left me dumbfound.

just to sum it all up;
i shouldve known better
than to fall & not get back up...

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