Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ken & Barbie 101 (REAL TALK)

"sometimes I feel like I'm sittin' in the back row of Barbie and Ken 101 a class we are all in, but never seem to learn from"

i have to say that this is the realist shit that i have ever heard in my LIFE! this guy spoke the honest truth about our modern day "society" & the pressure it puts on people to look "perfect" this isnt the only real thing this guy has spoke about but when i heard this my jaw DROPPED! i was speech-less . listen to EVERY single word that comes out his mouth; he sorta reminds me of eminem but his words are the truth maybe if we had more people like him in this world and see things the way he does this world wouldn't be so fucked up & forcing people to look a certain way so that they can be labeled as "BEAUTIFUL" he says in this video that "skinny is a compliment" smh isnt that sad that these ideal images are so deeply drilled into our heads that we think its OK to live up to these expectations? (it saddens me)
f**k Barbie and Ken
My future daughter will never play with them
you're the reason bleedin' 15 year old girls arms are slit
You made 12 year olds think skinny was a compliment
And now it's too late
I can't write my way through this bathroom door
So I raise my hand in class cuz I can't stand it any more
Teacher teacher your lectures all backwards
You got mothers and daughters forgetting what matters
Cuz above tits, ass, lips, legs, and ugs
The most attractive women are the ones who don't give a f**k
So screw your teachings your lessons and plans
You skewed sick distant relative of the man
Your plan for brainwashin' my baby I reject
I'm walkin' out of this class, and I will proudly take, my F